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Asians on Film Festival of Shorts 2017

Friday 9PM

Friday 9PM Screening

South Park Center
January 20, 2017 9:00 pm


In This Program

  1. War & Peace

    Mojtaba Yari / Music Video / Germany / 5 mins
    Jangh o Sol (War & Peace) is a fantasy music video acting in an indefinite country and showing an army officer and his soldiers leaving for war, when suddenly there comes a message that the war is over - now and forever. A dream - that all of us - are living for.

  2. SEED

    Nelson Lee / Fantasy/Sci-Fi / USA / 14 mins
    In a future where draconian laws are enforced to combat over-population, Nathan's 40th birthday will be his last. In the end, how much will he be willing to give to get his life back?

  3. Series of Misfortunes

    Andrew Kim / Action/Adventure / USA / 2 mins
    One small misunderstanding snowballs to include other patrons in a brawl.

  4. Red Hot Frog

    Kristie Ko / Comedy, Drama / USA / 12 mins
    WORLD PREMIERE - Norm has comfortably worked at the same battery company for two decades, but when the new colleague threatens the status quo, he tries to hire a hit man to take care of her, only to learn that his problem requires more than a quick fix.

  5. Arene

    Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen / Fantasy/Sci-Fi / Denmark / 5 mins
    A young woman finds herself captured onboard a military aircraft. The soldiers don’t think much of her, until their commander confirms her identity and then all hell breaks loose.

  6. Rinn

    Saraswathi Balgam / Drama / USA / 6 mins
    A sister travels far in search for her estranged brother who has renounced all worldly possessions and relationships to follow the sacred life of an ascetic. The story is set at the Rinn Muktheshwar temple in India, where people pray in hope of absolving themselves of their debts.

  7. The Wall

    Lampaert Samuel / Comedy / Belgium / 8 mins
    Breaking walls inside and around us.

  8. Once Upon a Time In Space

    Qishi Li / Fantasy/Sci-Fi / USA / 19 mins
    Captain Adam is on a mission to colonize a habitable planet, but when his ship encounters disaster, he must abandon the mission and instead, sends ancient bacteria to the planet in the hope that it will evolve into a new human species and thrive. Produced At New York Film Academy

  9. b00

    Teresa Lu / Horror/Thriller, Drama / USA / 16 mins
    CALIFORNIA PREMIERE - A little girl murders a drug dealer in the aftermath of her brother's heroin overdose.

Dates & Times

Friday 9PM Screening

South Park Center
January 20, 2017 9:00 pm