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Asians on Film Festival of Shorts 2017

Friday 1PM

Friday 1PM Screening

South Park Center
January 20, 2017 1:00 pm


In This Program

  1. MOCCI

    Henry Liu / Music Video / USA / 3 mins

  2. Family

    Seung-Hyun Chong / Drama / South Korea / 23 mins
    NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE - Kim, a man in his late seventies, lives alone in an apartment in the outskirts of Seoul. His life changes dramatically, when he's offered a chance to see his North Korean brother after more than sixty years.

  3. Red String

    Minghao Shen / Drama / USA / 10 mins
    An illegal Chinese immigrant struggles to keep some privacy in his life outside of the terrible restaurant where he works, but he finds that he only makes his life worse.

  4. Grandpa’s Visit

    Yung-Chih Hsu / Comedy / USA / 6 mins
    An elderly Taiwanese man travels to America to visit his son’s family for the first time in seven years. Soon after his arrival, he’s surprised to learn that his grandson, raised in the US, doesn’t speak Taiwanese or identify with his cultural heritage altogether. The two find themselves struggling to connect, but find common ground in the least likely of circumstances.

  5. Pollination

    Prasanna Kodapadi / Drama / India / 18 mins
    Pollination is a gripping short story about the controversial surrogate industry in India. Seeta, a mid 20s pauper, spends her days hustling flowers on the busy streets of her lower-class neighborhood in Bengaluru. Her quest to obtain financial freedom in her impoverished town is a daily struggle, and she feels trapped within her current means. With information and persuasion from a close friend Radha, Sita finds herself at the doorsteps of family hospital, which runs a surrogate facility for foreign couples who are unable to carry a child themselves. Sita contemplates the weight of this decision, but having reached rock bottom, Sita's decision has made itself. The next day, Sita is completes the procedure of IVF embryo transfer of an American couple and will spend the next 9 months carrying their child in return for Rupees 200,000 . As the child develops inside her, Sita feels a strong desire to keep the child after birth, and is tortured to know that soon she will have to depart with the tiny life inside her that she has held so closely, having shared the same blood and body for so long. 7 months into her pregnancy, Sita gets news that the American couple have decided to separate and are no longer willing to pay the remaining balance for their child, which they have decided to disregard. Sita is now forced to make some difficult decisions. What will she choose?

  6. Everlasting Life

    Benjamin Lee / Drama / USA / 14 mins
    CALIFORNIA PREMIERE - A mother and son, at odds with religion, finally confront each other and examine their fractured relationship.

Dates & Times

Friday 1PM Screening

South Park Center
January 20, 2017 1:00 pm