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Asians on Film Festival – 2016


Asians on Film is excited to announce our 4th annual film festival taking place at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles March 10th-13th, 2016. We have grown and expanded dramatically since our 1st year and can’t thank you​ enough​ for appreciating and supporting​ our vision, because you are the reason we are here.

A​OF is also excited to announce we have recently become a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization strengthening our primary goal, to promote Asian American talent in the Hollywood film industry. AOF charitably provides the highest exposure, marketing and P.R. with “humble budgets” to support everyone who support the charity. For example, we only charge our filmmakers a $10​ ​submission fee on a ​year round​​​, on-going basis​​ when submitting to Film Freeway. Then, our one-of-kind ​online quarterly ​​awards​ are given to films which of course receives it’s own social media ceremony and fanfare. After, these awards lead​​​​ up to the​ annual film festival ​where filmmakers and talent have the opportunity to be nominated for festival award​​s, and all for a modest $10 submission fee. In our goal to support everyone, even those filmmakers who have a film that was not selected for screening at the festival, there is an “Entertainment Professional” section in our program where we will list them with their headshot and IMDB page at no cost. This is an exclusive benefit no other film festival offers!

To our film goers and patrons, we will be keeping the ticket​​​​ sales at ​only ​$10 ​(cash at the box office or $12 credit that includes the processing fee) as an ongoing effort to include everyone in our big family. We don’t want anyone discouraged from attending because costs are too high! And, opening night party and awards after party cost nothing, you just come, meet, mingle, connect and have fun! Even though year after year we’ve increased attendance​ and our reputation has skyrocketed, our effort to make it affordable for everyone means we ​barely​ cover​ed​ last year’s festival ​costs.

AOF wants our contributions to go for events and in the future to finance some or all of projects we want to support. To that end, we have no ​​office space and have eliminated most administrative costs so that we can fund exactly the things that support our goals​. We need your help to promote us….

We are asking for our supporters to contribute a tax-deductible​ donation​ of only $10 (minimum)​​ and in exchange, we will list your name, headshot and IMDB link in the online program to show you support us and we support you. For those that do not have an IMDB link, considering being a sponsor: Friend $25, Supporter $50, Corporate $100 and up.

Thank ​you for watching the over 900 interviews on our YouTube channel, ​thank ​you for ​liking​, tagging,​ and commenting on our AOF Facebook page, ​​​thank you for coming to our events, ​and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ASIANS ON FILM!